Question: How does the MC Genealogy research service work?

Answer: We would advise clients to take up our offer of a free 30 minute consultation, so that your research instructions are clear and can be realistically met.  Initially, you will need to provide us with relevant information about an ancestor of interest to you  (i.e. full name, place, and date of birth in Scotland). We should then be able to find your ancestor in the statutory documents and from this work our way from generation to generation, until nothing more can be found.

Question: What do you mean by ‘one line’?

Answer: When we talk about ‘one line’ in our Standard package we are referring to either your mother’s side of the family (maternal line i.e. your mother’s father, then his father etc.), or your father’s side of the family (paternal line).  This means that we would carry out research into either the maternal or paternal side of your Scottish family tree.  Our Enhanced package would involve tracing both ‘lines’ – the paternal and maternal lines of ancestry.

Question: What do you get for your money?

Answer:  All customers can expect to receive a complete ancestry report that details all of the relevant births, marriages, deaths and census returns relating to your direct ancestors. As well as the complete report you will receive a family tree chart and other relevant information (see the typical report under the ‘Sample report’ tab on the MC Genealogy homepage).

Question: How long will the research take?

Answer:  Each research project is unique and we pride ourseleves on the accuracy of our data collection and the assessment of the evidence – but we aim to produce a complete report within about three weeks.  Once the research is complete it will be sent to you through the post, however, you can opt to have your family history report sent to your email account in PDF format (if available).  We keep our customers informed and up to date with the progress of the research. 

Question: I would like someone’s family history researched but I am working to a deadline (i.e., birthday or Christmas), can you help?

Answer: Yes.  Such requests can be discussed during an initial consultation. 

Question: What if I have a request that falls outside of the standard or Enhanced packages that you currently offer?  Can you still help me?

Answer:  Yes.  Such requests can be discussed during an initial consultation.

Question: Can you search for my ancestor’s burial place in Scotland?

Answer: This is not a service we specifically offer – however this information is sometimes on death certificates.

Question: How do I pay?

Answer:  You can pay deposits for the Standard Package and Enhanced package (and also have the option of adding an A4 springback binder to your order at this point) using Paypal on our ‘Prices and optional extras’ page.  Once the research is completed you will be notified when the documentation is ready to be despatched and the balance due on your order should be paid.

Question: Can you trace living relatives in Scotland?

Answer: This is not a service we currently offer. 

Question: Why should I choose MC Genealogy to research my Scottish roots?

Answer:  We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our work, our passion for genealogy, and the credentials of our researcher.

Question: How far back in time will you go with my Scottish family tree research?

Answer: This is dependent upon your ancestors and the surviving records!  On average, it should be possible to trace families at least back to the start of civil registration (1855), and often further.  However, prior to 1855 Old Parish Records (OPR’s) are very often incomplete, and it is impossible to say with any certainty how far back in time it may be possible to trace your family.